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4 Seasons Express Car Wash in Lima Ohio Now Features One-Step Floor Mat Cleaner

4 Seasons Express Car Wash in Lima Ohio Now Features One-Step Floor Mat Cleaner

We at 4 Seasons Express Car Wash, conveniently located at 980 Eastown Road right here in Lima, Ohio, are happy to announce the addition of a fantastic new feature to make your car wash experience faster, easier, and more comprehensive: a Rhino-Mat one-step floor mat cleaner!

This high-end machine takes coins and bills and will automatically wash and dry almost any vehicle floor mat within thirty seconds! The Rhino-Mat cleaner uses fresh water, a proprietary cleaning solution with special textured brush, and a patented drying technique to completely revitalize and deep clean your car's floor mats.

Operating the Rhino-Mat, located just to the right of our office at 4 Seasons Express—you can't miss it—is as simple as can be.

  1. Simply insert $3 in cash or coin,
  2. Feed your mats through the front of the machine one at a time,
  3. Retrieve your mats from the rear of the Rhino-Mat!

Now, your mats may come out looking like we swapped 'em out with brand new articles, but rest assured: they're the very same floor mats that have been protecting your family's floors since the get-go!

Ground-in dirt, oil, sand, pet hair, and most stains are no match for the easy-to-use Rhino Mat system, and we're extremely excited add this professional cleaning solution to our array of services—including our beloved Liquid Fire hot wax system—that make 4 Seasons Express Car Wash in Lima, Ohio your best bet for a spotless auto!