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CONTEST!!! What Time Will Lima Shine?

CONTEST!!! What Time Will Lima Shine Contest - visit our website to enter! Take your best guess at when 4 Seasons Car Wash NEW Lima East Location will be opening. Winner will be chosen by the nearest minute. Good Luck! Contest ends October 31st, 2015.  Winner will be announced when we run our 1st official customer through the car wash![...]

4 Seasons Express Car Wash in Lima Ohio Now Features One-Step Floor Mat Cleaner

4 Seasons Express Car Wash in Lima Ohio Now Features One-Step Floor Mat Cleaner

We at 4 Seasons Express Car Wash, conveniently located at 980 Eastown Road right here in Lima, Ohio, are happy to announce the addition of a fantastic new feature to make your car wash experience faster, easier, and more comprehensive: a Rhino-Mat one-step floor mat cleaner!

This high-end machine takes coins and bills and will automatically wash and dry almost any vehicle floor mat within thirty seconds! The Rhino-Mat cleaner uses fresh water, a proprietary cleaning solution with special textured brush, and a patented drying technique to completely revitalize and deep clean your car's floor mats.

Operating the Rhino-Mat, located just to the right of our office at 4 Seasons Express—you can't miss it—is as simple as can be.

Simply insert $3 in cash or coin, Feed your mats through the front of the machine one at a time, Retrieve your mats from the rear of the Rhino-Mat!

Now, your mats may come out looking like we swapped 'em out with brand new articles, but rest assured: they're the very same floor mats that have been protecting your family's floors since the get-go!

Ground-in dirt, oil, sand, pet hair, and most stains are no match for the easy-to-use Rhino Mat system, and we're extremely excited add this professional cleaning solution to our array of services—including our beloved Liquid Fire hot wax system—that make 4 Seasons Express Car Wash in Lima, Ohio your best bet for a spotless auto!


4 Seasons Car Wash Says Happy Spring

Happy Spring From 4 Seasons Car Wash Hard to believe it is already April and Spring has arrived! 4 Seasons Car Wash in Lima, Ohio knows that along with Spring comes Spring Cleaning. That doesn't just include your homes, but also your cars and pets. If you are in need of a car wash, stop in at either of our two 4 Seasons Car Wash locations for a Express Exterior Car Wash! Our car wash is guaranteed to get your car sparkling clean from top to bottom. Take advantage of our Monthly Unlimited Packages to save yourself some cash for those home and garden projects that are sure to start soon! To view our Monthly Unlimited Packages please click Here! We hope you and your family have been enjoying the nice weather lately. If your pets have gotten muddy playing outside, stop into our 4 Seasons Car Wash Eastown Rd. location and try out our pet wash. The pet wash works like a car wash for pets! We know washing your pets at home can be tough sometimes, but our pet wash makes it fun and easy! To see a video of how the pet wash works check it our Here! As always, 4 Seasons Car Wash wants to let all our customers know we appreciate them.This is why we specialize in high value at low cost. We hope you all have a wonderful Spring season and look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for helping make our business successful! 4 Seasons Car Wash Spring   Click Here to see a list of other Services “Like” us on Facebook “Follow” us on Twitter  [...]