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Save time at the quickest car wash in Lima Ohio

Get a quality wash at a reasonable price without waiting in line. At 4 Seasons Car Wash in Lima, Ohio, we’re proud to offer a high-quality professional car wash with good old-fashioned friendly customer service. As a family owned and operated business, we’re happy to serve the Lima community and believe in giving you the best services at affordable prices. We strive to make your car wash experience faster, easier, and more comprehensive. Our unique car wash cleans your car thoroughly while making sure your not wasting time in line.

4 Seasons Car Wash Lima OhioUsing the latest technology, our car wash features an automatic express tunnel-wash, which pushes your car through while washing it systematically to give you the best clean. Because the car wash is automated, it is quicker than other car washes, creating a steady stream of clean cars and happy customers. Simply pull in, put your car in neutral, take your foot off the brake and hands off the wheel, and let our car wash do the rest. Drive away knowing your car is sparkling from top to bottom.

In addition to our car wash, we also offer free, unlimited vacuums for every car wash you purchase. At our locations, you can also find propane refills, purified drinking water for bottle water refills, and a Rhino-Mat cleaner which cleans your car’s floor mats. Keep Fido nice and clean with our pet wash as well, located at our Eastown Road, Bellefontaine Avenue, and Middletown locations.

We are conveniently located at 1310 West Robb Avenue in Lima, Ohio, with express locations at 980 Eastown Road and 940 Bellefontaine Avenue in Lima, Ohio.

Looking to score a better deal?

We also offer discount wash cards and unlimited wash plans to save you money.