Purified Drinking Water

Get clean, pure drinking water with our bottle refill machines

Water Fill Station - 4 SeasonsWater is so important for our health and wellbeing. Make sure your water is as clean and pure as it gets. We want nothing but the best for our customers, so we make sure our water goes through an extensive purification process.

We start with city water, which is sent through a charcoal filter to remove chlorine. Next, the water goes through a filtration process to further purify it before going through a reverse osmosis process. After passing through a second charcoal filter and a UV light to kill any remaining bacteria, the water is ready to be dispensed into your container. Our system is able to fill containers that you provide from one gallon to five gallons.

Purified drinking water is available at both our classic and express locations. The best part? Our water is extremely affordable, at just 25 cents a gallon! Get the highest quality purified drinking water at our locations in Lima, Ohio, and Middletown, Ohio, for the lowest price.

Unsure of how to use our refill machine?

The video below shows a step by step tutorial of how to use them.